11 - 14 November, 2011
DSP Group Training in Hanoi, Vietnam
November 10 - 13, 2011 – 26 members of DSP Asia spent three days in Hanoi, Vietnam for training to ensure by January 1st, 2012, all offices of DSP Asia team will be truly professional and ready to launch our DSP Asia Group to the market. Training program covered complete DSP process, immigration, sales, implementation and qualification including one day field trip for orientation, housing, schooling, medical care and general settling-in package. Participants also got trained in international cultural practice and introduction of GMS (Global Mobility Specialist) program. A lot of case studies helped the participants to totally equip all the tools and know how to handle specific real cases. The training ended with final test and only qualified results were awarded DSP Asia certificate. Three top score members won the prizes: 1. Andrea Holzmann 2. Joe Wong and 3. Farrah Raguet. Congratulations!

20 - 21 May, 2012
DSP Group at GMS Training in Shanghai
Continue with the first “in-house” training in Hanoi last November, our DSP Asia group was absolutely committed to Professional level recognized by the Relocation World. In Shanghai, March 20 - 21, 2012, another 12 members of DSP Asia participated in the GMS training and got officially certified by ERC Worldwide. Followed the training, we also made a great impact to the crowd at ERC summit on March 22 with our remarkable team all in DSP Asia uniform. We were well recognized and appreciated from the Relocation Community being a dynamic and innovative DSP group in Asia. We are proud to contribute to the market our professional and passionate team.

ERC summit in Shanghai was also the first official launch of DSP Asia to the Relocation World, making known to all partners and clients our strong and professional team ready to provide excellent personal relocation services. We had a very successful meeting and a special Thank You note to Lily Goh from DSP Shanghai who worked very hard during her pregnancy to ensure a seamless event and meeting for the whole DSP Asia group.

23 - 25 Oct, 2013
DSP Relo Asia @ ERC Dallas
This was our first experiment with an exhibition booth at ERC convention in Dallas, USA so we did not expect much. Perhaps that was why we were overwhelming with the great success in the end. Lots of visitors with huge interest in our group especially the hot spot on the map of our backdrop: Myanmar! Everywhere we turned, we saw people walking around the exhibition hall with our DSP beer holder.

The highlight of our booth was the 4 meters beach flag that anyone can spot DSP from far distance. Needless to say how relax and friendly our team was, we attracted so much visitors sitting and talking at our booth all the time. Because of this tremendous success, we are planning of “DSP Relo Asia returns to ERC convention” in Chicago this year with a unique offer at our DSP Relocations Asia booth. Check it out!

10 - 13 January, 2014
DSP Relo Asia Group Training in Manila, Philippines
Our training this year attracted thirty attendants from twelve nations of which three were from our partners co-joined us with the presentation about Customer Services and Innovation. We focus more on training about KPI, Compliance and Operation skills. Excellence in Service delivery was also the key topic. Participants spent three condensed days working together from 8:00am till 23:00pm.

Indeed, there was no time for drinking at the bar after class and of course all the complaints went to Kim Ngoc who technically designed such a packed and full program. No, it’s not true! The last dinner was a real party! We sang, danced together in one of the oldest traditional Portuguese Restaurant in Manila to celebrate the 3 top students: First: Anna Kute – DSP Hongkong, Second: Farrah Vivien – DSP Malaysia, Third: Alex Lim – DSP Singapore. Congratulations and well done everyone!

1 April, 2014
DSP Relo Asia's Appreciation Dinner

9 - 11 April, 2014
DSP Relo Asia @ EuRA in Edinburgh
Our group director, Kim Ngoc – DSP Vietnam – was invited to be the guest speaker at EuRA Edinburgh on Personalized Session featuring our DSP Relocations Asia Group – our brand and how “personalized” is reflected in our marketing strategy, in our services to clients.

The logo definitely stands for innovation and all the hands together represent our unity, togetherness in caring and trusting our people, our partner and the loyalty to our clients. We had a good turnout at the session. This is absolutely a big achievement in having the attention at our 2nd EuRA conference.

DSP Relo Asia has become popular in the EuRA community and known as a new and dynamic group, giving the relocations industry a new choice of relocations service provider in Asia.

7 – 9 October, 2014
DSP Relo Asia @ ERC in Chicago
DSP Relocation Asia again hits its popularity at the ERC Chicago with a great attraction to participants – PLAY & WIN roulette. The lucky winner of DSP Relo Asia grand prize is Ms. Erin Fitzgerald from Living Abroad in USA. Grand prize is a 100% hand-made lacquer painting with 100 of “happiness” Chinese characters of mother pearl in-laid – value of the painting is USD500. Congratulation Erin!

DSP Relocations Asia takes this opportunity to thank all our friends and partners who visited our booth and met with our team in ERC Chicago. We highly appreciate your support and business. DSP Relocations Asia team takes our pride to commit to the highest quality service to you and our clients.

20 November, 2014
DSP Relo Asia with the Business Radio Station –
Invest KL interview in Malaysia

We proudly invite you to click on the above link to listen to the interview of the Business Radio Station – Invest KL with our DSP Relo Asia ambassador – John Preston – from DSP Relocations Asia Malaysia. Invest KL offers these interviews for Multi-national companies who want to invest in Malaysia.